7 Avoidable Real Estate Contract Mistakes

Buying a home is exciting. You’ve found the perfect house for your family to live in. Your spouse is glowing and your children are eagerly organizing their future rooms in their minds. The next step is to submit the Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate.

The standard form looks official, important, and unnecessarily full of legalese. Your excitement turns to mild anger at the need for these complicated terms. You know a mistake at this point could cost you the house or worse, a ton of money.

The good news is that I have written a guide to help you through some avoidable mistakes. You see, I remember growing up in a town without knowing a lawyer. I remember feeling apprehensive when completing my first contract to buy a home. That is why I want to give it to you for free.

Close the Deal: 7 Avoidable Real Estate Contract Mistakes explains 7 parts of the standard Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate in easy to understand terms. As a bonus, I provide pointers, guidance, and mistakes to avoid before you even submit an offer to the seller. It is important that you consider these mistakes and how to avoid them before you begin negotiating your deal.

Ignoring this gift could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars by avoiding these mistakes. Worse, you could end up being forced to buy a home you really don’t want.

At this point, you may feel doubtful about this free deal. I understand your skepticism though. You might be asking yourself why I would give this guide away for free. The reason is that I’d like for you to consider using my law firm for your closing. It is important to choose a qualified and responsive lawyer to handle your real estate closing. My firm is dedicated to providing you with amazing client service and guiding you though the closing process.

Our goal is help you meet your goal. We want to see you buy your dream home. We want to see you and your family enjoying your new house. We want to make sure the process is as smooth as we can possible make it.

To get my free gift to you, Close the Deal: 7 Avoidable Real Estate Contract Mistakes just fill in the form below. We will deliver your free guide immediately via email. Please know that we won’t share your information with anyone. All we ask is that you consider allowing my firm to help you with your real estate closing.

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