Car Accident Settlement Guide:

If you have been in a car accident, you need a Battle Plan!

(The Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know What is In This Book)

If you have been in a car accident in South Carolina, you may feel under attack because:

  1. Insurance adjusters can be a pain to deal with
  2. Medical bills add up quickly and your medical providers might not bill your health insurance
  3. ​Everyone wants you to sign a lot of forms

How do you know if the insurance adjuster is treating you fairly? How do you deal with the medical bills that pile up? How do you know if you should sign all the forms? When it comes to your car accident claim, knowledge is power! That knowledge could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars for your car accident case.

On this page you can request my completely free Battle Plan: Your South Carolina Car Accident Claims Guide. Just fill out the form and I’ll send it to you instantly and absolutely free. This guide could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by giving you the information you need for your car accident settlement.

In this free e-book, you will find out how to:

  • respond to the insurance adjuster's demands
  • get the medical treatment you need
  • turn in your insurance verification form
  • gather your car insurance information
  • set up an insurance claim
  • get a rental car and get your car fixed
  • get reimbursement for the lost value of your car
  • document your recovery
  • know when to begin negotiating with the insurance company
  • gather your medical records and bills
  • present your case to the insurance company.

As a Bonus, you will find out how you might be able to use your own car insurance to pay for your medical bills.

Remember that this Guide is absolutely free to you and your information will be kept completely confidential. This book normally sells for $12.99 on Amazon (Battle Plan: Your South Carolina Car Accident Claims Guide: How to Go Head to Head with the Insurance Companies). However, you can get your copy instantly and free by filling out the form below.

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