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After a Car Accident Injury, You Need a Battle Plan.

Battle Plan: Your South Carolina Car Accident Claims Guide by Car Accident Lawyer, Brian R. Murphy

After an automobile accident, you may feel under attack. The shots may come from multiple areas and could include the automobile insurance adjusters, your own insurance company, or your medical providers who refuse to bill your health insurance after a car accident.

How do you know if the insurance adjuster is treating you fairly after a car accident? How do you deal with the medical bills that pile up? How do you know if you should sign all the forms? When it comes to your claim, our team of car accident lawyers and staff can help create your personalized Battle Plan.  That plan could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars for your car accident case.​

It may feel like the insurance adjuster is treating you like a liar. The insurance adjusters are paid by the automobile insurance company to pay you less after a car accident. The insurance adjuster fires shot after shot claiming you may have contributed to the car collision or are faking or exaggerating your injuries from the car accident. It may feel like the car insurance adjuster is waging war over your car accident case. Our team of car accident attorneys and staff help clients in that battle every day.

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After a car accident injury, our team of lawyers and staff executes a personalized Battle Plan for your car accident case. This Battle Plan process allows our law firm to get your car accident case resolved as quickly as possible. Our lawyers execute Battle Plans every day fighting the insurance companies. Our lawyers can help you recover financially after a car accident.

​To see your personalized car accident Battle Plan, request your Free Rapid Assessment to be completed by our car accident lawyer team.

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If you have been injured in a car accident, you need a Battle Plan.

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South Carolina Car Accident Statistics

Studies and statistics show that South Carolina is a dangerous place to drive an automobile. 2015 statistics from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety show that there is one car crash every 3.9 minutes and 2 fatal car accidents every day. 1 person is injured every 9 minutes in an automobile collision in South Carolina. Over 900 people were killed in 2015 and more than 37,000 were injured by car accidents.

Unfortunately, these statistics are rising. ​Since 2011, injuries from car accidents have increased 27% causing an economic loss of $4.32 billion.

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