Negligence / Personal Injury

South Carolina law requires a person who negligently causes injury to another person to compensate the injured person for those harms and losses. So what is negligence? Negligence is doing what a reasonable person would not have done or not doing something that a reasonable person would have done under the circumstances. In short, negligence is breaking a safety rule. 

For example, a driver who runs a stop sign and crashes into another driver is negligent. The reason the driver is negligent is because a reasonable person would have stopped at the stop sign. The driver did something that a reasonable person would not have done—ran the stop sign.

Negligence Applies to Stores, Truck Drivers, Doctors, and Nursing Homes

Negligence applies to many types of cases besides car accidents (please read my Car Accidents page for why I do not like the word accident). Negligence applies to stores in creating hazardous conditions that lead to slip and falls. Negligence applies to commercial truck drivers who break the safety rules. Negligence applies to doctors and nurses who cause personal injury. Negligence applies to nursing homes that abuse their patients.

Safety Rule Violations Lead to Personal Injury 

Considering what a reasonable person would or would not do does not end the analysis though. People break safety rules daily. To have a case, the wrongdoer must cause personal injury. Personal injury means injury to the body, mind, or emotions. In other words, personal injury involves people, as opposed to property.

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Negligence / Personal Injury Law Protects the Community

Negligence is a tort. Tort law is that body of law that requires wrongdoers to compensate for the personal injury they cause others. When you hear of “tort reform,” this is the law being referred to. Interestingly, tort law has been around for thousands of years with historical foundations in many sacred writings (take a look at Exodus Chapter 21).

Why have negligence and personal injury law? To protect the people in our community. Imagine a world where wrongdoers could cause injury and not be held responsible. Wrongdoers would have no incentive to change their behavior. Rule breaking would become the norm and injury would run rampant. Negligence and personal injury law provide the incentive to reduce injury and increase the safety of our community.​

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