When Medical Bills, Lost Wages, and Frustration Pile Up After a Car Accident, You Need Good News.

Injured, out of work, medical bills piling up, and no money to pay for surgery, Tom didn’t know where to turn. Another driver ran a stop sign and caused a horrific crash that sent Tom to the hospital. The car accident put Tom out of work so he has been unable to support his family. Worse, he can’t afford the medical treatment to help heal his injuries so he can get back to work.

The Insurance Companies Know How to Fight

The insurance company for the person who caused the crash isn’t helping Tom. Either the adjuster won’t call him back, won’t give him straight answers, or is pushy and mean. Tom understands they have limitless resources to fight his case.

Tom’s story is a fictional one that my law firm unfortunately sees all too often in real life. Experiencing a car accident can turn life upside down. Most people have never gone through an experience like this before and don’t know how to respond.

My Team Knows How to Fight Back

The good news is that I’ve put together a team of attorneys and staff to help you. My team knows how to step between you and the insurance company. We understand how to get you the medical treatment you deserve. We know how to coordinate with your health insurance company so you don’t owe them hundreds or thousands of dollars after your case is settled. We negotiate and prosecute car accident cases on a daily basis to maximize your recovery.

We understand that negotiating with the insurance company can feel like war. That’s why I’d like to offer you a Free Rapid Assessment plus Customized Battle Plan for your car accident case. We understand that the quicker you get answers, the faster you can recover and return your life back to normal. We deal with insurance companies daily and know you need a Battle Plan to make sure you get the best result.

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