Frequently Asked Questions: Car Accidents

After helping numerous clients with their South Carolina car and auto accident cases, I noticed some common frequently asked questions. Here are the answers:

Key Factors Influencing the Value of Your Car Accident Claim in South Carolina
Wondering what the value of your car accident claim in South Carolina is? Knowing what your claim is worth can[...]
Who Is Legally Responsible in a Pile-Up Car Accident in South Carolina?
Various legal statutes cover what happens following an automobile accident in South Carolina. Sometimes, these laws are complicated with exhaustive[...]
Understanding the Laws Regarding Car Accidents in South Carolina
Various legal statutes cover what happens following an automobile accident in South Carolina. Sometimes, these laws are complicated with exhaustive[...]
Understanding the Significance of Police Reports in Car Accident Investigations in South Carolina
Automobile accidents can be traumatic and stressful, no matter who is at fault. Police reports taken at the scene of[...]
How to Obtain a Car Accident Report in South Carolina
If you were in an automobile collision in South Carolina, you may need to gather important legal documentation such as[...]
How to Choose a Lawyer for Personal Injury Claims and Accidents
Few people ever anticipate the need for a personal injury attorney. After all, as a general rule, accidents take place[...]
Here’s How a Lawyer Can Assist You with Your Car Accident Claim
A traumatic automobile accident can take place in an instant. Unexpected calamities of this kind can be life-changing, with serious[...]
When to Call a Lawyer After Your Car Accident: Here’s What to Know!
Automobile accidents can be incredibly distressing and often occur at the most unexpected and inconvenient times. After a collision, victims[...]
What to Do if Your Car Was Crashed by an Uninsured Driver
Did you recently get into an automobile accident caused by a driver without car insurance? In order to drive legally,[...]
5 Rules For Approaching A Stopped School Bus +infographic
Its the end of summer, and that means back to school time. School buses will be returning to our roads[...]
FAQ: What To Do With Hospital Bills?
Hospital bills can be shockingly expensive and when you open that envelope and see that number many people worry, how[...]
FAQ: Can I Keep a Totaled Car?
 I often get the question, if the insurance company totals my car, can I still keep it? And the answer[...]
FAQ: What Rental Car Company Can I Use?
Do I need to use a specific rental car company for my rental car after a car crash? And the[...]
FAQ: Who Pays for the Rental Car After my Car Accident?
  The at-fault driver, and correspondingly that person's insurance company, is required by law to pay you the value of the[...]
FAQ: What Happens if I Can’t Work?
 The first tip here is to make sure that you're keeping great records. Always keep a doctor's excuse for every[...]
FAQ: Should I Pay My CoPays?
Well, the answer is you want to pay your copays,  you will want to use your medical insurance. Often the[...]
FAQ: When Should I Go See a Doctor After a Car Accident?
Well, the answer is as quickly as you need to. In other words if you need emergency medical services, then[...]
Replacement Vehicle After Car Accident?
You can get a replacement vehicle as soon as you'd like. However what I recommend is waiting until you've completed[...]
Why Won’t the Adjuster Pay My Doctor Bills After a Car Accident?
Too many insurance adjusters believe their job is to manipulate you into accepting as little money as possible. Sometimes, adjusters[...]
Why Won’t The Hospital Take My Health Insurance After A Car Accident?
After a car accident, some medical providers may refuse to accept your health insurance. Hospitals are businesses too. They need[...]
What If I Told the Officer I Wasn’t Hurt After a Car Accident?
You just experienced a crash. Your heart is racing. People are staring. Everyone is asking you questions. You check on[...]
What is a Statute of Limitations and How Can It Destroy My Case?
What is a Statute of Limitations and How Can It Destroy My Case? A statute of limitations is the maximum[...]
All About Medical Releases
All about medical releases Federal law requires medical providers to keep individuals' health information private. Medical providers can only disclose[...]
Car Accident Settlement Key People
Who are the key people involved in a car accident case? Insurance Adjuster – this is the person from the[...]
How Long For My Settlement?
How Long Will My Car Accident Settlement Take? Some cases settle within a few months. Other cases take years to[...]
What is Negligence?
What is Negligence? South Carolina law tells us that negligence is the “absence of due care.” I know that you[...]
What are Punitive Damages?
What are Punitive Damages? South Carolina law tells us that punitive damages are designed to punish a wrongdoer because of[...]
Document Your Car Accident Damages.
Three Reasons You Must Document Your Car Accident Damages. You must document your damages in order to successfully resolve your[...]
Twenty Types of Actual Damages in South Carolina.
Twenty Types of Actual Damages in South Carolina. Damages in car accident cases focus on actual damages. Actual damage compensate[...]
Who Caused the Accident Has to Pay?
How Much Money Does the Person Who Caused the Accident Have to Pay? The law in South Carolina mandates the[...]
When is Another Driver Responsible?
When is Another Driver Responsible for My Damages from a Car Accident? In order to recover for all your harms[...]
What are the Categories of Damages?
What are the Categories of Damages South Carolina Law Recognizes? South Carolina law recognizes multiple categories of damages in a[...]
Pay Damages After a Car Accident?
Why Does South Carolina Law Require At Fault Drivers to Pay Damages? South Carolina law mandates the person who caused[...]
Should I Replace My Car Seat?
Should I Replace My Car seat after an accident? Often, parents first thoughts after a car accident are the health[...]
Refusing to Pay My Bills?
Many medical insurance companies refuse to pay medical bills for injuries from a car wreck. They reason that since someone[...]
What is the Law on Car Accidents?
What is the Law on Car Accidents? South Carolina law requires that drivers who break the traffic safety rules and[...]
No Insurance After a Car Accident?
Unfortunately, some drivers use our public roads and highways without the South Carolina mandated insurance coverage. These uninsured drivers pose[...]
See a doctor after a car accident?
Getting proper medical care when you are uninsured and after you have been injured in a wreck is complicated. Additionally,[...]
What Should I do?
The Insurance Company is Calling After a Car Accident, What Should I do? When the insurance company adjuster starts calling[...]
FAQ: Should I Settle My Car Accident Case Quickly?
FAQ:  Should I Settle My Car Accident Case Quickly? No, never. Some insurance companies and adjusters will try to get[...]
FAQ: Should I Sign the Forms?
__CONFIG_custom_phone__{"phone_no":"888-510-9359","phone_text":"Call us","mobile_phone_text":"Call us","color":"red"}__CONFIG_custom_phone__ Probably not. Typically insurance adjusters and companies will want you to sign releases so they can get[...]
FAQ: Who Pays My Medical Bills After a Car Accident
Who pays my Medical Bills after a South Carolina Car Accident? South Carolina law requires a person who causes a[...]

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