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What if I die without a will?

South Carolina law divides your property between your surviving spouse and your children. If your children inherit a portion of your home, your spouse may need to hire a lawyer and incur unnecessary legal fees.

What will happen to my kids?

Your surviving spouse would most likely get custody. If both of you die without naming a guardian for your children, then a judge would determine who should get custody.

Do I need a trust?

Trusts are helpful when leaving property and money to minors and young adults. Many people prefer to wait until children are older than 25 to leave large sums of money (like from life insurance). 

What if I am hospitalized?

You will need someone to take care of your accounts and bills. For example, if you are the primary account holder on your water bill, your spouse will need a Power of Attorney to make any changes or get any information. Additionally, a Health Power of Attorney can specify end of life wishes and direct who can make healthcare decisions.

Are online forms legal?

Maybe. Some of the forms may meet South Carolina legal requirements. However, a signed will must meet certain legal requirements before it can be used in court. In other words, you just can't sign it yourself. Our attorneys oversee the entire signing process to make sure your will conforms to South Carolina law.

What is included?

Our package includes one will per spouse, one durable power of attorney per spouse, and one healthcare power of attorney per spouse. The cost is $379 per person and includes fantastic client service and a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Our Painless 7 Step Process

Our firm simplifies the process to minimize disrupting your busy schedule. We understand life's complicated calendars and work with you to get your will done quickly. Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out the contact form on this page and a member of our team will respond within 24 hours to answer any questions.
  2. We will send you a tutorial to help you understand the various parts of your will and what they do. You can view the tutorial on your own time and pace.
  3. We schedule a phone appointment with you at a convenient time to review your questions and understand your specific wishes.
  4. We email you drafts of your documents.
  5. You send us feedback and revisions to make sure everything is correct.
  6. We schedule a convenient time for you to come to our centrally located office in Baxter Village to sign your documents.
  7. We oversee the signing process and provide you quality original documents.

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