3 Things to Know 

Before Talking to Anyone 

After a Car Accident

1. Insurance Companies Don't Want to Fully Pay You

Please know that the insurance companies want to keep their money. Any money they save by paying you less than full and fair compensation is their profit. Insurance companies understand that its all about the money. Some will use scare tactics. Some will use kindness. After all, if they pay for your medical treatment, car damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering, they don’t get to keep it. If they don’t keep it, their investors will be upset. If the insurance companies investors are upset, someone is going to get fired. If someone gets fired, they will have no more money. The goal is to keep their money and pay you as little as they can get away with.

Jonathan M Car Accident Client

Went above and beyond to make what started as a terrible experience as painless and smooth as possible.

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2. Some Medical Providers Don't Want Your Health Insurance

Hospitals are businesses too. They need money to pay their doctors, nurses, and support staff. They need money to pay for their building and equipment. Many hospitals may refuse to accept your health insurance. Why? Health insurance companies negotiate discounts with hospitals and medical providers. These discounts may not exist if the hospitals do not accept your health insurance. Then, you pay the cash price. The cash price is always higher than the negotiated health insurance rate. If the hospitals refuse to accept your health insurance, they may demand full payment once you settle your case. That way, the hospitals get more money.

Kathy M Car Accident Client

Brian and his staff did all the work for me and they were wonderful.

3. Understand the Importance of Money

Money pays doctors. Money pays to fix your car. Money pays your bills while you can’t work. Money hires help when you can’t do your housework. When a wrongdoer causes you injury, you need money. You need money to go see your doctors. You need money to pay your bills. Additionally, South Carolina law authorizes the payment of money for your pain and suffering. Although most people would not trade pain for money, everyone involved with your car accident case understands that it's all about the money.

James M Car Accident Client

I hate that I had to have an attorney, but I am very glad you were there when I needed you.

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Rapid Response Battle Plan​

​As the author of Battle Plan: Your Car Accident Claims Guide, I understand you need a Rapid Response Battle Plan to deal with your car crash case. Just as doctors help fix bodily injuries, my firm helps with the financial injuries. Call my team at 888-510-9359 to get your free Rapid Response Battle Plan.