FAQ: Should I Sign the Forms?

Probably not. Typically insurance adjusters and companies will want you to sign releases so they can get your medical records. However, some don't stop with getting just your medical records related to the car accident, they get releases for your entire medical history. Why would you want some unknown insurance adjuster or insurance company combing through all of your medical history? Additionally, be leery of signing releases of your employment records.

Instead, request your own medical records. Be sure to get all of the records related to the injuries from the car accident. Also, be sure to request itemized statements of your medical expenses with the medical coding on the statement.

Requesting medical records is one of the services our firm routinely handles for our clients. However, if you have limited medical treatment, you may be able to handle this step on your own. To find out how, request our free guide below. Otherwise, please call our team at 888-510-9359 or use the contact form below. 

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