August 19, 2014

Car Accident Settlement Key People

Who are the key people involved in a car accident case?

Insurance Adjuster – this is the person from the insurance company who determines how much money to pay you. You may have multiple insurance adjusters on your car accident case.

Property Damage Adjuster – this is the person from the insurance company who reviews the damage to your car and determines how much money it will take to fix it or how much your car is worth if your car is totaled. You may have a property damage adjuster from your car insurance company and the insurance company from the person who hit you.

Bodily Injury Adjuster – this is the person who will evaluate your physical and mental injuries and determine how much money the insurance company is willing to pay. Some adjusters use complex computer based systems to make this determination. Others use their experience and knowledge.

Investigating Officer – this is the law enforcement officer who investigated your collision and completed a report. Often, this officer will make a determination of who was at fault. Most people will never have additional interaction with the investigating officer. However, the investigating officer may be a witness if your car accident case goes to trial.

Subrogation Representative – this is the person from your health insurance company who determines how much money, if any, your health insurance company requires you to pay back after your settlement. Most health insurance companies will require that you pay them back if you recover money based medical treatment the health insurance company paid for.

Medpay / Personal Injury Protection Adjuster – this is the person that will determine how much money to to pay you based on your medical bills. This person will represent either your car insurance company or the car insurance company for the vehicle you were in during the crash.

If you have been hurt in a car accident:

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