May 19, 2017

FAQ: What To Do With Hospital Bills?

Hospital bills can be shockingly expensive and when you open that envelope and see that number many people worry, how in the world am I going to pay this hospital bill. Well, under South Carolina law, the person who caused the car accident, the person who caused your injuries, is responsible for those medical bills on top of other damages. Now, when you first get that hospital bill, I recommend the following: First, call the hospital. Let them know it was because of a car accident, but also make sure that they have your health insurance information. Insist that they submit that bill to your health insurance company. You may have to do this multiple times and you may want to do it in writing. The second thing is for you to call your health insurance company. Let them know what is going on. Tell them that you got this hospital bill, and ask your health insurance company specific ways to get that bill paid. The next thing that you want to do is call your insurance adjuster and you want to tell your insurance adjuster the amount of the bill. Now, for our clients, we take care of all of that for them. So, we get all the hospital bills, we get all the medical records, and we take care of all the communications with the insurance adjusters. The most important thing is that you are communicating with the hospital, that they understand you have health insurance, that you want to submit the health insurance information and communicate with your health insurance company.


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