How A Fort Mill Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You After a Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident in Fort Mill, a personal injury lawyer can help you deal with the insurance company. The at fault insurance company usually attempts to negotiate the lowest possible settlement with people have been injured in a car accident. Additionally, the insurance company adjuster won’t help injured people find doctors, physical therapists, or related medical providers. The adjusters do not have your best interests at heart.

At the Law Offices of Brian Robert Murphy, our clients get counsel from a personal injury lawyer about the whole process from beginning to end. This includes how to get the best treatment for your injures, how to involve your own health insurance company, or how to get medical treatment without health insurance. Additionally, our legal professionals help negotiate a settlement according to your goals.

5 Pitfalls in Dealing with the Insurance Company Yourself after a Fort Mill Car Accident

Some people have asked us if they can handle the insurance company without a personal injury lawyer. While cases with minimal injuries and treatment might be handled alone, serious injuries usually benefit from the involvement of a personal injury lawyer. Here are 7 pitfalls to handling a personal injury case yourself.

  • Failing to get medical treatment immediately
  • Failing to follow-up with your medical providers
  • Signing medical authorizations with no date limitations
  • Failing to document your injures with your doctors
  • Not using your medical insurance

A car accident lawyer counsels our clients how to avoid these mistakes. Not making these mistakes helps us recover better settlements for our clients.

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Why a Fort Mill Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Battle the Insurance Company

At the Law Offices of Brian Robert Murphy, we are experienced in negotiating with the insurance companies. We know how they are trained to trick, trap, and cheat injured people. Additionally, we know how the law applies to injured people. Often, the insurance companies try to scam people who are not familiar with the law to take less money than they are owed.

One of the most notorious examples involves health insurance. The law says that the insurance company owes an injured person, among other damages, the full amount of the medical bills. Recently, insurance companies have been tricking injured people into taking only the amounts their health insurance company paid.

Our Fort Mill Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Get Medical Care

To receive the right treatment, you need to be seen by an experienced doctor, physical therapist, or medical provider. These experts can not only help you make a full recovery but will also provide the right documentation of how you were hurt and how severe the injury is.

A personal injury lawyer can help you find health treatment options. Thanks to the resources we have, we can refer you to providers we have helped in the past. These providers can quickly review your medical record and treat your condition right away.

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What is Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law protects people who have been hurt by the wrongful act (or failure to act) of someone else. Personal injury law is also known as tort law. The law’s protection comes in the form of cash payments. The total payments depend on the extent and type of damages an injured person can prove in court.

Let’s look at an example. In a typical rear-end automobile collision, the at fault driver has a legal duty to keep a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of them. When the at fault driver fails to stop in time and crashes into the car in front of them, that driver is legally negligent. Personal injury law directs the at fault driver to pay damages to the person that driver hit.

Continuing our example, the amount of cash payments the at fault driver is required to pay depends on legal damages of the injured person. One portion of damages is the injured person’s medical bills. Another part would be the injured person’s lost wages.

The overall goal of personal injury law is to reduce preventable injuries. Tort law seeks to hold at fault drivers accountable for the damage they cause. By holding negligent drivers accountable, tort law acts as a deterrence for unsafe driving.

A Fort Mill Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help With Pre-Existing Injuries

Health insurance companies are infamous for exploiting people's pre-existing injuries for the purpose of lowering settlements. However, there are laws that ensure the person who caused the accident is responsible for a medical problem that arises from the accident. There are also laws that prohibit the insurer from avoiding paying for a preexisting injury if the accident made that injury worse.

The law does not excuse a person from his wrongful conduct. The law is put this way: "[t]he fact that a person is more susceptible to injury or death because of a pre-existing condition or weakness does not serve to excuse an otherwise negligent defendant who has caused the injury, or allowed the injury or death to happen when there is a duty to act to prevent it. A negligent defendant takes his victim as he finds him, whether the victim be in perfect health or in poor health, or somewhere in between." Ralph King Anderson, Jr., South Carolina Requests to Charge - Civil, 2009, § 13-13 Damages - Pre-Existing Condition

A car accident lawyer can help clients with pre-existing injuries examine past medical records and classify them correctly. Classifying an injury as pre-existing, existing, or aggravated has various consequences for a person’ s personal injury claim.

Guaranteed, or We’ll Work for Free

My firm is confident in our abilities to help injured people. We are so confident, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we don’t settle your claim or win a verdict for you, you pay nothing. In addition, we advance the cost of litigation in most cases. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee applies only to attorney’s fee and not to case expenses.

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