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July 9, 2018

How Do We Know if You “Have a Case”?

Written By Frank Bentley

Internally at the firm we talk at length about what constitutes a case and if some prospective clients even need to talk to an attorney.

I am actually the one who first talks to almost all of our prospective clients. Ultimately I do not make the decision on whether you have a case, but the attorneys have taught me a great deal on how to help people on the front end of a dispute so that I don’t waste your time.

We decided as a firm that one of the worst client experiences would be for you to talk to someone, get all excited that you are going to get a million dollars from this shady insurance company only to sit down with an attorney at your first meeting and find out that you actually aren’t going to get a million dollars and in fact we aren’t even going to accept your case.

That puts a little bit of pressure on me to make sure that I get all of the information I can from you on the first phone call to our office. This helps me determine if you need to see an attorney, if I can give you some resources to help you handle a claim yourself, or if I need to send you to an entirely different attorney who handles your specific kind of case.

What am I looking for to make that decision? It’s really basic: I need to hear your story. Don’t worry. I’m not giving you less points if your story-telling isn’t winning any academy awards. I just need to know what happened, who was at fault for the incident, and what has to happen to get you back to the way you were before this whole mess started.e

You may not have the answers to all of these questions right away. That’s OK! It’s still OK to call even if you don’t know if you need us. The “worst” thing I am ever going to tell you is that I don’t think you need an attorney. That’s it. There will be no name-calling or frustration or some idea that you “wasted my time”. I love talking to people and since I’m not a paralegal I will not have many opportunities to work with you directly with your case, so I enjoy this chance to help.

Our firm prides itself on providing the best possible client experience and we will do everything we can to make sure the beginning of your case is just as happy as the end. Thanks for reading!

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June 18, 2018

“Do you handle _______ cases?”

Written By Laura Cogbill

When I first started working for the Brian R. Murphy Law Firm years ago, we were a Personal Injury Law Firm. Over the years, I've helped resolve hundreds of car wreck cases, and Brian has successfully settled many premises claim as well. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a collision, or on someone else's property, we can absolutely help, be it answering your questions or taking on the case. With the addition of attorney Andy Cogbill, we can now fully work with North Carolina cases as well as South Carolina claims, from opening the claim to filing a lawsuit when necessary.

But we are now far more than a NC and SC Personal Injury Law Firm. We craft wills and powers of attorney. Andy has a background in foreclosure and will be expanding his practice area into special needs law and related guardianship in the years to come.

If you have a case that does not fall into our primary areas of practice, we have strong relationships with attorneys all over the Carolinas. We can even find a good fit for you if you have a case in another state. We consider you part of our law firm family, and we want to be sure that you get the best representation possible.

All this is to say, that if you have a legal need, we want you to call us first. We treasure the relationships we've formed with you over the years, and we always love to hear from you. We look forward to helping you in any way we can, and we are grateful for the referrals you send our way to grow our firm family.

We continue to expand our practice areas, our geographic reach, and our referral network:

Thank you for being such a huge part of our vision of growth and personalized client service.

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