July 8, 2014

5 Reasons You Should Always Stop at Stop Signs

I see it all the time in my neighborhood. Drivers approach a stop sign, slow, and then round off the turn without completely stopping. It’s illegal and everyone knows it. For some reason, we just won’t take the time to follow certain traffic safety rules. Here are five reasons you should always completely stop at stop signs.

1. It’s the law and you could get a ticket

I know you know its illegal. Everyone knows that rolling through stop signs is illegal. You most likely won’t get caught in your neighborhood. However, stopping at stop signs in your neighborhood may be the most important place you should always completely stop.

2. You could cause a collision or run over a pedestrian causing horrible injuries

Once you get in a habit of rolling through the neighborhood stop sign, you begin to pay less attention to what you are doing. You glance in both directions, but you miss the car coming toward you. Perhaps you miss the soccer ball rolling down the street and child following behind. No one ever intends to cause harm to another, but your choice to roll through that stop sign can lead to horrible consequences.

3. Your behavior sets an example for our children

Children don’t do what we tell them to do, children do what we do. If we roll through stop signs, our children will when they start driving. Worse, our behavior teaches children not to follow some safety rules if there is a time saving benefit.

4. Children depend on you stopping

Our children know that cars must stop at stop signs. The decisions they make are dependent on how the world works around them. Children may cross the road, counting on you obeying the safety rules and stopping at the stop sign. Children may continue after the soccer ball rolling down the street, because they are depending on you following the safety rules.

5. You set an example for your community

Ultimately, we all set the safety rules for our community. If more of us set an example and obey the rules, others will follow as well. As our community places more importance on following the safety rules, the safer our community will be.

The extra few seconds you stay at the stop sign will be well worth the cost.

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