June 24, 2014

I’m On A Boat! Don’t Get a DUI?

Traffic Tip Tuesday: I’m On A Boat! Don’t Get a DUI?


Its summer time and that means being on a boat. Please remember that boating safety means being responsible. Being responsible means using alcohol safely.

Here is your fool-proof way to avoid getting an alcohol related ticket out on the water! Don’t drink alcohol if you are operating a boat.

Otherwise, South Carolina Law says that an operator of a boat must not use so much alcohol (or any other drug) so that their ability to operate the boat is “materially and appreciably impaired.” Don’t believe me, look it up here.

So how does law enforcement determine if you are “materially and appreciably impaired?” Law enforcement investigates boating alcohol violations the same way law enforcement investigates driving under the influence. However, the field sobriety tests are modified so that law enforcement can give the tests on a boat.

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