April 29, 2014

End Distracted Driving

Traffic Tip Tuesday!  Help End Distracted Driving in South Carolina.

Distracted driving bills have been introduced in South Carolina General Assembly every year since at least 2007. To date, the General Assembly has failed to pass any bills regulating distracted driving.

Three bills have been introduced to the General Assembly for the current session that ends in June, 2014. H.3317 prohibits all drivers from using a cell phone while driving and imposes a fine of up to $500. Usage of a hands-free devise is exempt. However, S.459 has made the most traction, and has passed the Senate. This proposed bill prohibits drivers with a beginner’s permit, conditional driver’s license, or special restricted driver’s license from using mobile devises while driving and imposes a $100.00 fine. S.459 is now in the House Committee on Education and Public Works.

Is there any reason why South Carolina should not adopt a texting ban? Call your South Carolina State Legislators and tell them you want a distracted driving ban.