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June 9, 2016

Reduce Your Summer Crash Risk

It’s summer. The air is warm and the sky is blue. It’s time for a road trip.

Weather you are traveling to visit family or your favorite vacation spot, you and millions of others will hit the road this summer. Unfortunately, July and August are the most dangerous months to use the roadways.

While you can’t control other drivers, there are a few things you can do to reduce your risk of being in a crash.

1. Get a Tune-up.

Have your car checked out at your trusted shop. Make sure your brakes are working well. Check your tires for wear. Replace your tires if worn and don’t try to get out additional miles. Waiting too long could mean an increased stopping distance with worn tires.

2. Turn Off Your Phone

I’ve written about the dangers of distracted driving before. Its best to turn off your phone so all of your attention is directed to your driving. You never know when that extra ½ a second could help you avoid a potential crash.

3. Wear Your Seat Belt

All the safety systems in today’s modern vehicles rely on seat belt use. Your air bags will not be as affective if you don’t. Additionally, your seat belt could be the only thing that will keep you in the vehicle and not flying out a window in a bad crash.

4. Slow Down

I’m not saying you should drive below the speed limit on a clear and sunny day. I am saying you probably should not be driving 20 miles above the speed limit in the rain. Slow down, pass with care, and get to your designation safely.

5. Avoid the Fast Lane

It seems that some drivers believe traveling in the fast lane gives them a license to tailgate the vehicle in front of them. That is dangerous and asking for a crash. Avoid that problem by using the middle and right lanes when possible. Additionally, using the middle lane provides more pathways for emergency maneuvers.

I hope you never experience the horror of terrible car crash. I hope the above tips reduce your risk and you have a safe and fun summer. However, if you have been injured in a car cash and would like to tell us your story, please contact us below.

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