November 5, 2019

Justice for All

Many of us have not said these words in years. Once, we said them every school day. Lately, I have been saying those words more frequently as I belong to organizations who start their meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Today, the subject of justice seems to divide us. We argue and fight over its meaning. What some say is just, right, and fair often depends on the profit motives of groups. The fight then shifts online where we battle each other in the comments section.

For me, justice for all is bedrock principle of our country. Yes, it is absolutely true that we have not historically afforded justice for all. It is also true that we do not currently afford justice for all. However, over time American’s development and our laws’ development have demonstrated a willingness, an eagerness, and a tradition of self-evaluation, self-criticism, and self-improvement.

That tradition is engrained in our Declaration, Constitution, and laws. I take comfort that our country will seek out ways to extend justice. I take pride that we will develop as a people and a country.  I take joy that we will improve our provision of justice until our reality, our laws, and our attitudes match our ideals.