June 17, 2014

South Carolina’s Texting Ban

South Carolina finally passed a statewide texting ban on June 9, 2014. Here is what you need to know:

  1. the ban takes place immediately, but law enforcement officers can only issue warnings for the first 180 days;
  2. the ban makes it unlawful to “compose, send, or read” all types of electronic messages including texts, instant messages, or emails;
  3. law enforcement officers must have a “clear and unobstructed view” before they can pull a violator over;
  4. the penalty is $25.00 for a single violation or a maximum of $50.00 for multiple violations;
  5. drivers can still use their GPS for navigation purposes;
  6. a violation is not a crime;
  7. records of violations are not kept by the SC DMV and can not be reported to the violator’s insurance company;

Click here for the full text of the law.

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