May 13, 2014

The Ultimate Traffic Safety Tip

Traffic Tip Tuesday!  The Ultimate Traffic Safety Tip.

Today, I wanted to share my Ultimate Traffic Safety Tip with you all. Its not a tip for specific situations and its not a tip you will find in South Carolina Law. However, this tip has the power to completely align your driving toward safety.

As I spent time in church this Sunday and enjoyed a family meal with my mother, my grandmothers, and my Wife, the mother of our children, I realized what the Ultimate Traffic Safety Tip was. This Tip recognizes the sacred bond between mother and child. It is rooted in the loving embrace and sacrifice that all Mothers offer their babies. It acknowledges the special respect that we hold for our mothers. It affirms our desire to please and never disappoint our mothers.

Here it is, drive as if your mother is sitting in the passenger seat.

Its as simple as that. With this easy tip, you can completely align your driving toward safety and please your mother at the same time.

Happy Mother’s Day.