September 17, 2014

Frivolous: Man Sues McDonalds


Everyday, valid cases are filed across thousands of courthouses across our nation. However, some are just frivolous. These lawsuits abuse our civil justice system and make it more difficult for deserving cases to achieve justice.

This month’s frivolous case is Lucas v. McDonalds. Mr. Lucas is suing McDonalds for $1.5 Million Dollars after receiving only one napkin. Mr. Lucas purchased a “Quarter Cheese Deluxe Burger”, but only got one napkin with his order.

When Mr. Lucas complained to the McDonald’s manager, Mr. Lucas felt the manager victimized him. His lawsuit claims that the store manager discriminated against him because he is African American and the manager is Mexican American. Additionally, Mr. Lucas’s suit says that the manger reminded him “of a [Mexican American] gang member who hated Blacks.”

Mr. Lucas filed suit in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, California. He sued McDonalds directly and the manager, individually. His claims include general damages and loss of earning capacity. His lawsuit says that his undue mental anguish caused him miss work and demanded $1.5 Million Dollars.

Rational people agree that racial discrimination is not tolerable in any form. However, this lawsuit does not seem to me to be about racial discrimination. This case seems frivolous to me because of Mr. Lucas’ outrageous claims that he couldn’t work and shocking demand of $1.5 Million Dollars.

Cases like Mr. Lucas’ should never see the inside of a courtroom.

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