November 19, 2014

Frivolous: Inmate Sues Jail Over Porn


In 1998, Scott Rufin was gouged in the heart with a sword—seven times. He was also shot five times in the head. He left behind two children and his remains were found two years later.

In 2003 a Connecticut jury convicted Dwight Pink Jr. for the murder of Scott Rufin. Mr. Pink showed no remorse and was quoted as saying “I shouldn’t have to show remorse,” saying “this trial . . . was a joke.” Judge Richard W. Dyer sentenced Dwight Pink Jr. to 56 years in prison.

Now, Dwight Pink Jr. is back in court fighting for his right to pornography—while in jail. His lawsuit alleges the State of Connecticut is violating his constitutional right to pornography while incarcerated. Mr. Pink claims he wants access to a drawing book that uses nude models to show the human form. The prison’s ban apparently has multiple inmates upset. Connecticut is fighting the suit.

My take is that this case is absolutely frivolous. While I firmly believe that inmates should have access to the civil justice system to address real abuses, suing for a right to pornography is not one of them. When an inmate chooses to break the law, he looses unfettered freedom as a consequence.

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