September 11, 2014

Family Communications Plan


September is National Preparedness Month. It is also the month that terrorists attacked our country in 2001. Most of us remember that day. Where we were. What we were doing.

Most of us remember tuning into the television, not sure what was going on. Then it happened. Another plane hit the South Tower. We gasped when the towers fell. We looked around, scared. We wondered if the attack was over. We wondered where our family was.

Most of us will never experience a disaster like what happened on 9/11. However, disastrous events will impact every family at some point. For some it may be a catastrophic collision. For others it may be a fall or a house fire. Others may experience a natural disaster.

These emergencies can happen without warning. No one knows the date or time when a disaster may strike. However, you can prepare today. FEMA has published a Family Communication Plan and Worksheet. Download the forms here, fill them out, and review them with your entire family. Make sure the plan is in a safe plan and accessible to each family member.

Family Communications Plain for Parents

Family Communications Plain for Children